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GO Day 2024

GO Day 2024

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What Is Greatness Only Day?

This is the one day that we cause a surge of greatness in the world and inspire others to do the same. We do this by showcasing two things:

  • We Are Greatness Only

  • What Greatness Looks Like For Us

  • How Do I Join Greatness Only Day?

    • Share this movement with your network.

    • Purchase your “We Are Greatness Only” t-shirt.*

    • Display your act of greatness on June 1, 2024, while wearing your signature tee.

    • Post to all of your social platforms with the hashtag #GOday2024.

  • What Does My Greatness Look Like?

    It’s that one thing or combination of things that you do to ultimately be greater while inspiring greatness in others. Some examples are:

    • Improving your skills (school, work, sports, hobbies)

    • Volunteering (soup kitchen, shelter, nursing home)

    • Focusing on your health/wellness (exercise, improve nutrition, get those sometimes-scary checkups)

    • Checking in with a friend (mental health is important!)

    • Providing mentorship (tutoring, coaching, sharing useful resources)

  • What is Lunch Box of Love?

    • A nonprofit based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with a goal of revolutionizing the fight against food insecurity by addressing its root causes. 
    • By providing essential nourishment to underserved communities and implementing transformative programs, they aim to instill hope, healing, and restoration in the hearts and minds of those affected.
    • The purpose of Lunch Box of Love is to create sustainable change that transcends immediate hunger relief, enabling individuals to overcome adversity, reclaim their power, and build a future filled with abundance and opportunity. 
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